VR Design System for Figma and Unity

UI components for VR ready to use and customize

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  • Achieve consistency

    Get control over your VR UI pipeline and apply style changes to all your VR UI components at once.

  • Speed up your process

    No need to start from scratch, put the ready-to-use VR UI components and templates to work from minute zero.

  • Customize with your brand

    Add your colors and fonts or make a 3D version of your current 2D design system

  • Your users at the center

    Place your UI right at the eye's comfort area of your users with FloatGrids UX tools


Start with ready-to-use templates

Grab the template that best fits your app needs and start making your magic.

  • 7 different layouts
  • Onboarding template
  • Modal
  • Gallery
  • Settings view
  • And much more is coming!
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Your branded XR UI floating in minutes

Bring your Color palette, corner radius and font styles to FloatGrids in minutes. FloatGrids uses a token-based Color Palette tool that brings consistency and scalability to your development.

A UI tweak after implementation? Apply it massively to all your components.

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User experience

Automatically at your user’s eye comfort area

Take care of your users with an effortless and delightful experience. FloatGrids use distance, scale and angle-from-eyes to display the panels in the right spot so your users don’t end up looking up in order to read your content.

You can use it in your current panels or in new ones.

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Designers and developers on the same page

Both Figma and Unity are twins, they use the same naming, structure and logic for a clear communication.That makes the creation of brand new components easy to design and develop.

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