VR and AR Design System for Figma and Unity

UI components for VR and AR ready to use and customize

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  • Customization

    Use the prefab family and different corners and fonts to brand your UI

  • Quick start

    No need to start from scratch, put the ready-to-use VR/AR UI components and templates to work from minute zero.

  • Debt control

    Get control over your VR/AR UI pipeline and apply style changes to all your UI components at once.


UI components and templates

Grab the template and components and start making your magic.

  • +35 UI components
  • 7 different layouts
  • Onboarding template
  • Modal
  • Gallery
  • Settings view
  • And much more is coming!
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Designers and developers on the same page

Both Figma and Unity are twins, they use the same naming, structure and logic for a clear communication.That makes the creation of brand new components easy to design and develop.

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  • Ezio Menutti. Product Designer at Telefónica

    "FloatGrids empowers teams, providing value right from the start of a project and becoming invaluable once scalability becomes a priority. FloatGrids allows us to focus on the bigger picture."