• Customization

    Seamlessly apply Your Brand to FloatGrids' UI System

  • Quick start

    Put the ready-to-use VR/AR UI components and views to work from minute zero.

  • Debt control

    Get control over your VR/AR UI pipeline and apply style changes to all your UI components at once.


UI components and templates

Grab the template and components and start making your magic.

  • +35 UI components
  • 7 different layouts
  • Onboarding template
  • Modal
  • Gallery
  • Settings view
  • And much more is coming!
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Designers and developers on the same page

Both Figma and Unity are twins, they use the same naming, structure and logic for a clear communication.That makes the creation of brand new components easy to design and develop.

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Automatically control the size and position of your UI

Ensure that your UI is positioned and sized correctly so that users don't need to exert extra effort to interact with it. FloatGrids includes a Unity component that positions your UI accurately, allowing you to adjust the scale, distance, and height.

As for size, utilize the Panel Size Guidelines prefab to ensure that your UI is perfectly sized.

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  • Ezio Menutti. Product Designer at Telefónica

    "FloatGrids empowers teams, providing value right from the start of a project and becoming invaluable once scalability becomes a priority. FloatGrids allows us to focus on the bigger picture."