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FloatGrids Figma File (Free)

FloatGrids Figma File (Free)


FloatGrids for Figma includes

- Interactive Components

- Component Variants

- Properties

- Font Styles

- 55 VR UI Components

- 1.500 icons

- Demo Interactive prototype

- Templates

- Token-based Color Palette

- 7 VR Layouts

- UI VR Guidelines for the best UX


UI / UX Designers

Learn the basics of UI design for VR and save time using this VR focused library of UI components, icons, and styles and deliver your work faster. You can customize the kit however you want to match your product's brand and needs. 

Product managers / Entrepreneurs

Create MVPs faster. If you're buildind a brand new VR app or you already have one, you'll work more efficiently with this large library. Give your team te tools to build consistent products faster.


Preview your VR app before coding it. FloatGrids for Figma is perfectly aligned with the Unity package so you'll find the same naming and structure in both. Start your development without relng on designers.


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