Hello 👋

I'm Albert Mauri, a UX/UI designer with a deep love for all things 3D, and FloatGrids creator.

Let me introduce you to FloatGrids, a project that took flight in February 2022 and has now become the tool of choice for over 6,000 XR professionals. What inspired its creation? Well, after delving into XR projects, I swiftly recognized the need for tools and resources to ensure consistency and scalability in user interfaces. Fueled by this realization, I set out to create a comprehensive solution using Figma and Unity, covering the entire design pipeline.

I'm optimistic about the future of XR applications. The idea of breaking free from 2D screens and embracing the real world resonates with me. I predict that as soon as headsets evolve into sleek glasses, mass adoption will become a reality. My belief is that people will seek the familiar but in new ways, ushering in a wave of innovation. Currently, an avalanche of digital content is confined to 2D screens daily, leaving the rest of the physical world eagerly waiting to be filled.

Beyond FloatGrids, I share my insights into the XR realm through articles on Medium. Feel free to explore if you're curious! If you'd like to connect, you can also find me on Linkedin. Here's to a future where XR not only revolutionizes our screens but also transforms the uncharted territories of our physical surroundings. 🚀