Our objective is to make UI design and development for XR both agile and visually appealing. To achieve this, we are actively engaged in various projects and exploring different concepts that we believe will bring us closer to realizing this goal. We are committed to advancing the field of XR UI design and development, and our efforts are focused on creating innovative solutions that enhance user experiences in XR environments.

  • Glassmorphism support


    Glassmorphism is a technique used in UI that allows for good readability on transparent backgrounds by utilizing a blur effect that reduces the level of detail in the background. This technique is employed in both mobile and desktop apps, but in VR and AR apps, it makes even more sense as it enhances the immersive experience by blending panels with the environment.

    For this reason, we are exploring the best way to support this technique in FloatGrids, enabling you to switch to Glassmorphism with just a single click.

  • Keyboard and keypad


    We have received numerous requests for this particular UI component, and we are committed to delivering it to you in the best possible way. Our aim is to create a device-agnostic keyboard that you can easily integrate into any project. Our priority is to ensure that the keyboard is user-friendly, and we are striving to make it accessible to everyone.

    To achieve this, we are focused on providing support for a wide range of languages, as well as including emojis. Our ultimate goal is to place the user at the center of our design process, ensuring that the keyboard is intuitive and easy to use for all.

  • Dark and White mode


    Customization plays a vital role in ensuring that cross-product experiences are tailored to meet the specific needs of users. Therefore, we are currently exploring the most effective approach to integrating a logical and user-friendly method to switch between modes and customize them independently, as required. This will enable you to have greater control and brand your experience.