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FloatGrids Unity Package (Free Beta)

FloatGrids Unity Package (Free Beta)


- FG Color Palette tool

- FG Color Token Selector component

- 7 Ready-to-use Text Mesh Pro fonts

- 32 VR UI Components

- Interactive Demo scene

- 7 ready-to-use layout scenes



- Compatible with Built-in, URP and HDRP

- Compatible with Oculus Integration

- Compatible wit XR Interaction Toolit

- Unity Editor: As of 2020.3.42 LTS



- Text Mesh Pro

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FloatGrids Unity Package


FloatGrids UP 0.2.2 (Current)

Bug fixes

  • FG Color Palette tool: Changes are now visible in the scene right after clicking "Apply Changes".
  • FG Panel Position Component: Sometimes it didn't follow the camera in runtime.

FloatGrids UP 0.2.1

Bug fixes

  • Unity Editor 2020 compatibility
  • Warning (EditorWindow.title.) when installing fixed.

FloatGrids UP 0.2

Bug fixes

  • Error when installig: XR Interaction toolkit dependencies removed
  • Error when installing: Slider fixed